Seaside Prison 15-22.6


Finland is under occupation. You live in Marienhamn, Åland Islands. The city has become an open-air prison. Once in a while it is bombed. You stare at the sea. There is a wedding coming. It could be the last time you celebrate with family and friends.

Seaside Prison is an immersive experience for 8-16 participants. It takes place in an alternative reality where Åland is like Gaza. We use the method of larp in a black box theatre environment. You don’t need to have previous larp experience or prepare for the event. Our workshop will give you all the tools you need.

Seaside Prison is a Palestinian-Finnish-Norwegian collaboration. After the experience, participants will have the chance to discuss with Majed Abusalama who is a refugee from Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza and a Ph.D. candidate in the Palestine Research Group at Tampere University.

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Project lead
Kaisa Kangas
Kaisa Kangas, Martin Nielsen, Mohamad Rabah
Light design
Essi Santala
Projection design
Joona Pettersson
Sound design
Hannu Sinervä
Workshop facilitation
Maija Korhonen
Majed Abusalama
Production assistant
Syksy Räsänen